I saw this meme going around to redraw one of your old illustrations and I’d been meaning to do this. The original (top picture, 2004) has really bugged me for a long time for a big pile of reasons. I tried to address most of the things that bothered me, as well as just… well, redraw it in my current style. I’ll try to finish it soon but I’m really terrible at completing pictures lately.

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    2004?! Has it really been that long?! Regardless, it’s so refreshing to see this in your current style
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    I’m getting awesome all over my blog. So much improvement and great art *w*
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  7. spookylita said: Aaaah, I own this as a print! It’s amazing how much your style has matured.
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    I already told you last night how I love this, but I want to squee publicly~ I love the way your art has evolved! And...
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  14. yourfavouritewalkingcorpse said: [[i was following you when the first one came out :) its awesome to see it redone. i like the new style a lot.]]
  15. clockworkspider said: …That was your drawing? I swore I could have seen that drawing used as reference picture everywhere for people’s RP characters…